Top 5 Things to do in Kappeln

Kappeln, the tiny fishing village with its idyllic old town and cute little harbor is located near the mouth of the Schlei – a narrow inlet of the Baltic Sea in Schleswig-Holstein. We got to spend some time there in February. Obviously not the best month to spend in Kappeln because it is still winter and can be really windy. Spring until Fall is definitely the best months to explore this region because you can admire the whole beauty of this place.

Kappeln is not very big and everything is in walking distance, so you can easily spend a lovely and relaxed day here.


#1 Old Town Kappeln

The charming Old Town of Kappeln is the place of lovely restored and historical old buildings and houses.

For lunch, you can stop at Föh Fish smokehouse for some fried fish. It is located in the center of Kappeln and you can even watch through glass windows how they smoke all kind of fish in traditional oven houses.

The many tiny shops along the Schmiede-, Post- and Mühlenstraße and cafes at the port invite you to stay a bit longer and enjoy the fresh sea air.



#2 Windmill Amanda

The combined grain and saw windmill Amanada built in a Dutch style is about 32 meters high and one of the most eye-catching buildings in Kappeln. Today the mill houses the tourist information office and exhibit space with maritime artifacts. You can climb all the way up onto the balcony where you have a fantastic view of the Schlei and the Baltic Sea.

#3 Taking a boat trip

The most comfortable way of discovering the Schlei is by boat. There are some local shipping companies which are offering trips along the Schlei.


#4 Visiting the Pilot’s Island Schleimünde

The Pilot’s Island Schleimünde is a real gem located on a small peninsula where the Schlei and the Baltic Sea meet. A small port, a small restaurant Giftbude and a beautiful white and green lighthouse which guides the way since 1872 on this peninsula. You can reach the island by a tourist boat or visit with your own boat, canoe or kayak.

#5 Schlei Flap Bridge and Fish Weir

The w-shaped Fish Weir dates back to the 15th century and it is unique in Europe. A weir was used to trap marine fish, in this case, Herring. The Fish Weir with its 2,000 ash wood piles can be best seen from the Schlei Flap Bridge. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see how the two-winged double-flap bridge opens because in winter they only occasionally open the bridge for passing ships but I am sure it is a highlight to watch.


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Föh Fish Smokehouse: yummy Fischbrötchen (fish bun)

Bäckerei Günther: They have a kids area with some toys and books


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