Pataholm – an idyllic seaside village

This tiny pearl of a village lies on a remote peninsula in the Kalmar Strait, located between the Swedish Island of Öland and the province of Småland on the Swedish mainland. Surrounded by fields, meadows, and forests its rich foliage beckons explorers.

A walk through this idyllic seaside village is like escaping to another world. Pataholm is one of those dreamy places that want to be discovered. It was once a busy trading hub at the Kalmarsund. Along with trading, crafts and shipyards became established. With the construction of sailing ships, the village experienced its heyday in the 19th century. Proud merchant houses, lovely gardens, streets paved with cobblestones and an old marketplace gives an idea of a lively past.

Above: Pataholm’s little harbour

Above: Kalmar Strait with views to Öland’s Borgholm Castle in the distance

Above: Pataholm’s main square


Images of this trip were featured on Suitcase Magazine.


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