Our minimalistic home in Sweden

When we bought this 80-year-old home about 4 years ago it was love at first sight. It was old, completely lived down and didn’t get any love for quite some time. There was something about it that just immediately caught our heart. Maybe it was the old stove in the living room, a typical Swedish Kakelugn or the window views – the house is surrounded by forests and overlooking the lake. It was not an easy path especially when you do the renovations by yourself and at the same time have two toddlers to take care of but we had this vision in mind and the guts to strip the house down and build it back up again and were really rewarded in the end.

We wanted to keep everything simple and minimalistic because we both love and live a simple and easy lifestyle. We also used lots of white and wood to give it that organic and natural look. Leads from nature always ensure a sense of timeliness.
We pulled out many thousand nails to find a wonderful wooden ceiling underneath the old ceiling. We built in windows and doors to make it brighter and with open views into nature. We wanted to make our spaces look pretty while still keeping them functional and practical for our family.

Images were featured on Apartment Therapy.

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