Kleine Prints – The Photo Album for Kids

I am in love with the photo books of Kleine Prints that are specially designed for kids.

I am a big fan of photo books and I just love to look at it together with my kids and reminiscing on memories. However, I also must admit that I am usually way behind putting all of our adventures and daily life images into print.

The Kleine Prints photo book is easy to design, so even I had the time to do it. You can choose between different styles and Special Editions and Illustrations and it feels more like a children’s book. The pages are thick, the spiral binding robust and the edges are round, so it is a photo book for even small children. The photo book is easy and simple to create. You only choose your photo book template, upload the images you want, drag them into place, add some text if you want to and that’s it !

This post was brought to you by Kleine Prints. All opinions, thoughts, and perspectives are my own !

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