How to survive November in Sweden

Winter in Sweden is long, cold and dark. Depending on which part of Sweden you are, it is even longer, colder and darker. November is one of the most dreaded months of the year, especially when you are a summer person like myself. With just a few hours of sunlight every day, trying to survive can be a real challenge. Here are some of our tips to embrace this season.



Get outside

We all know the phrase “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”. Well, it is true. Don’t let the bad weather get on you. It is necessary to spend some time outside in nature every day, even when it is really hard to drag yourself outside. As soon as you are in the forest or by the sea, you immediately feel better.



Surely you have heard of the Danish idea of hygge by now, right ? The Swedish equivalent to this would be mysig, which means “feeling cozy”. The people in Scandinavia like feeling cozy all year long, but especially in winter it is really essential. It is a must to light lots of candles, cuddle up in front of the Kakelugn, the Swedish Stove, with lots of warm blankets and sheepskin and a hot cup of cocoa or coffee in hand.


Fredagsmys which roughly translated means “Cozy Friday” is a holy Friday evening ritual of enjoying comfort food with your family or friends. The Swede’s typically eat a taco or tortilla dinner. Yes, you have heard right. Taco Friday is a big thing in Sweden. They even have special Taco and Tortilla offers on Friday in the supermarkets. (Pst ! We slightly changed that to cook something special every Friday). After dinner, you usually cozy up on the sofa to watch some TV and indulge in junk food and lots of Godis sweets which are sold in almost every single store.


Go on vacation

If you really can’t stand this season and you just want to escape to a warmer country, you can still book a vacation 😉


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