Arnis, the smallest town in Germany

Arnis, the smallest town in Germany is situated a few kilometers south of Kappeln in Schleswig-Holstein at the west shore of the fjord-like Schlei. The population is small too. Around 300 inhabitants live on an area of 45 hectares with only 800 m length and 200 m width. The location on a small peninsula is unique and getting there can be one kind of experience. You can either arrive by cable ferry which is only running during the summer months or take the road by car. However, the only way to explore this tiny town is on foot.

While strolling along the only main road, a pave stone alley with old linden trees, you can admire the beautifully restored houses and count the numerous fishing ships in the windows. I am sure that Arnis full bloom can only be seen during the spring and summer months when this city is filled with life and people, but I liked the quiet wintery flair too.

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