A look inside Holiday Homes Port Olpenitz

You can’t help but feel like on vacation the moment you step into your modern vacation rental at Holiday Home Olpenitz. The spacious and luxurious properties are located in the port of Olpenitz in the Schleswig-Holstein region. The area offers a large selection of top equipped holiday homes in a modern Scandinavian design. On this 152 hectares large former naval base you can rent luxurious 5-star properties in all kind of shapes – from villas to condos to floating homes – overlooking the waters of the Baltic Sea.

The Ostsee Resort Olpenitz is quite a controversial project. I personally understand why. You can feel the profit interest. It is a mix of architectural diversity because the owners changed. For my taste, there is not enough natural environment which is kind of a pity because it is such a unique place. I was also very happy to experience the resort during low season.

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